Friday, April 25, 2008

This is the Primary that Never Ends..........

And the Democratic party continues to implode and cannibalize all of the goodwill it might have had, as the last remaining pretenders to the throne continue to bash each other in the hopes of being able to take on John McCain come November. With the Pennsylvania primary falling right into line with the rest of the country, the party headed (at least nominally) by Howard Dean still cannot define which sort of history it wants to set.

But at the same time, nearly every analyst and pundit is saying that there is no realistic way for Clinton to get the nomination, and that in the end it will be Obama getting the nod and the nom. As long as Hillary believes she still has a chance, however, this psychotic game will continue, and just go on and on ad inifinitum.

Clinton runs well where NO DEMOCRAT WILL WIN in November, and the Democratic voters there will vote for whatever Democrat gets nominated (see: rural Virginia). Obama has a chance to win the middle, and actually compete with the perceived-moderate McCain. That's the great thing about spin, though. If you look at his voting record, McCain is a lot more conservative that people think, but he still gets the "moderate" tag.

When this primary finally spits out a nominee in this political race to the bottom, they will be either battle-tested or mortally wounded. Either way, it is not the truth that matters, but how the truth is perceived. And in this election year, here is how I view the perception of the truth: A Republican who can compete for the center has months to shore up his right flank, while the Democrats engage in a protracted duel to the death that will just wind up killing them both.

Oh, happy day.