Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Musings on NFL Rules Redux

How have the owners voted?

The college option on the coin toss, allowing teams to defer taking the ball until the second half.

I said the owners should approve the rule. Result? 30-2 in favor of the change.

Eliminating the five-yard "incidental facemask" penalty. Grabbing the facemask and turning it would lead to an automatic 15-yard penalty.

I opposed this rule change. Missed this one. Owners adopted it.

Instant replay on field-goal attempts.

Sports Illustrated called the vote a "slam dunk for the owners," but did not list the count. Either way, I agree with the move.

Ending the forceout rule on receptions and interceptions.

I said do it, otherwise what is the point in defending? Owners agree, unanimously, and I will be screaming at my television less this fall.

Changing the rule on seeding in the playoffs.

Proposal tabled after an informal vote showed strong resistance to the proposal. Good move by the owners. There has to be a value to winning the division. Suck it up if you can't pull it off.

(I did not include this one last week but) Putting a communication device in the helmet of the defensive captain.

Owners allow the change. Good move. Signals are fun and all, but if the offense can move into the 21st century, it is only fair that the defense can do the same.

Still no word on what the owners think about restricting how much hair players can have below the helmet, but the NFLPA has said that they oppose this change. Good thing, too. One analyst said that the union would probably use this as a line in the sand. Good for them, standing up for individuality, especially when the hair is a religious/cultural expression for some of the players. The NFL will be better off leaving well enough alone.

Ignoring the hair proposal and the communication devices,
My record for the owner's meetings: 4-1.